Cold Matter 002 - Cold Brew An Occasion

Written by Nat

Whether you are stumbling around bleary eyed in the early morning looking to jump start your day, or sharing a cup with friends, coffee is an important functional beverage with up to three quarters of Australians drinking at least one cup daily. With the popularization of the beverage naturally came its refinement through improvements to bean selection, roasting and extraction. With low bitterness, acidity, pronounced character and natural longevity here at Cold Matter, we see cold brew coffee as the pinnacle of bottled coffee beverages.

The popularization of coffee in the western world dates back to the late 17th century coffee houses of Europe which served as a forum for the sharing of public opinion, philosophy and general information. The spread of coffee houses marked a shift away from the alcohol served in public houses (pubs) as society's primary social lubricant and has been associated with a general shift toward more intellectual discourse. Today we have scientific evidence to attribute caffeine's positive effect on mood, concentration and energy as the primary driver of this phenomenon. Due to the prolonged contact time between water and coffee, cold brew has a higher relative caffeine content compared to instant coffee or espresso making it the ideal drink for social interactions such as catching up with friends or meeting new people. It is also perfect for planning and innovating with colleagues at work or interaction involving collaboration between businesses.

The mind stimulating effect of cold brew is not limited to social interactions and is a popular choice when cramming for an exam, or working to a deadline or making progress on a solo project. This post was written as I drank a Cold Matter Oat Milk Splash!

Coffee, and caffeine in particular, has been the subject of much research in the field of sports performance with evidence to suggest that caffeine consumption aids in performance and endurance. While caffeine is one of the primary functional ingredients of many pre-workout supplements, Cold brew coffee is a pure, natural and enjoyable way to get your energy lifted before a sports match, gym workout or vigorous physical activity. Stored with ice in a thermos, cold brew can be taken on long distance endurance events such as hiking.

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