Cold Matter 003 - Why Locally Brewed Matters

Why Choose Cold Matter

The popularization of coffee and café culture in Australia has been largely attributed to the Italian migration post WWII. It’s no secret that Australians love their coffee and since its arrival, the culture has evolved in such a way that high standards have been set for form, flavour and strength. While the invention of cold brew coffee has been attributed to the Dutch, the refinement and popularization of the technique occurred in Kyoto, Japan. We’ve taken this knowledge and combined it with great local products to bring you a premier cold brew coffee you can enjoy at home, at work or on the go.

Following on from Pat's blog about the basics of cold extraction, let's get into some of the benefits of cold brew and why we make our coffee this way.

The first and arguably most important reason is because it tastes great! Cold extraction uses time rather than heat to extract the flavour, oils and caffeine. It’s a longer process that leaves you with a less bitter taste, lower acidity and a smother, richer flavour overall. This process allows for more of the subtle sweeter, brighter notes to become present in the brew and it's also easier on your digestive system! Because of this, Cold Matter cold brew coffees do not contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. The increased extraction time results in a caffeine content that is 3 times higher than a standard energy drink, but without any of the hidden nasties.

Another benefit is that cold brew is more practical! We’ve all forgotten about a hot cup of coffee, only to come back to it and find you’re left with a cold, bitter mess that no one enjoys. Cold brew can be enjoyed whenever! Straight from the bottle or poured over ice, Cold Matter tastes great all the time. Cold Matter Long Black has all the great coffee flavour we love without any harsh bitter notes, while the Oat Milk Splash adds an extra touch of sweetness and velvety creaminess without sacrificing that great coffee flavour. 

Best of all, you’re supporting the locals! Cold Matter is proudly brewed right here in Perth, Western Australia. We’ve teamed up with a West Australian boutique coffee roaster to select the perfect blend of beans that give our coffee a rich, decadent flavour. Our oat milk of choice is made with premium, regeneratively grown oats farmed here in Western Australia. 

We think Cold Matter is the best tasting brew around and with no sugar, additives or preservatives, your taste buds won't be the only thing agreeing with us - your body will too! Let us know how you like to enjoy Cold Matter by tagging us on Instagram @coldmattercoldbrew