Cold Matter 004 - Cosmic Caramel Chronicles

Cold Brew Adventure in Flavor Space!

Step into the cosmos of flavor with our latest intergalactic creation – introducing the Creamy Caramel Cold Brew, a taste that will launch your palate into a whole new dimension of WOW!

Picture this: a buttery sweet and nutty sensation that doesn't just elevate popcorn; it transforms your dessert slice and even propels your espresso martini to the outer reaches of deliciousness. And now, this otherworldly flavor has become the star in our thrilling Cold Matter Cold Brew range.

Meet Nathanial Oldmeadow, the maestro behind this flavor fusion at Kommunity Brew and our resident Food Scientist extraordinaire. He's concocted a symphony of taste by infusing the perfect blend of creamy caramel with the chocolate and hazelnut undertones of our signature coffee mix. The result? A cosmic concoction that brings a touch of sweetness to our ready-to-drink brew, making it an indulgent, softer experience for all you coffee explorers.

But fear not, fellow caffeine enthusiasts! The heart and soul of the Caramel Cold Brew remains our locally sourced, hand-roasted coffee – a taste that's causing a caffeinated frenzy among coffee aficionados across Australia.

What's more, this flavor odyssey is guilt-free! Cold Matter Caramel Cold Brew is a zero-sugar, low-calorie delight that dances fresh, clean, and simple on your palate. It's the perfect pick-me-up, slightly tamer in caffeine than its bolder Long Black Cold Brew cousin, and an infinitely smoother option for those who crave a less bitter journey.

Nathanial suggests that while the Caramel Cold Brew is a solo sensation, it also plays exceptionally well with others. Pair it with sweet baked goods, chocolate, or the cosmic symphony of stone fruit, apples, and pears for an unparalleled taste experience.

Embark on a journey of indulgence without the guilt this summer – grab a bottle of Caramel Cold Brew from your favorite Cold Matter stockists. We're eagerly awaiting your taste bud reports, so share your intergalactic coffee adventures with us on Instagram at Engage warp drive and let the flavor exploration begin!